The Importance of Celebrating your Children’s Birthday

Your children’s birthday is important for two reasons: one, because it is the day they came into the world and changed your life. And two, because if the one who reads this is the mother, it was the day you brought her into the world. People like to remember the important dates in our lives, and there is no more important date than a birth, it is when your child came into the world!

They have a whole life ahead

Also as adults, a birthday means having one more year, which perhaps for some is not the happiest day, but for children it is a day when they reach a new milestone full of new opportunities and more possibilities.  It is a first day of a new step. Children have much to achieve and many dreams to fulfill, and the more years they turn, the more opportunities they will have to achieve it.

For children their birthday is the most exciting day of the year, definitely more important than any other holiday. They count months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until this special day arrives, and they ask their mother and father how much time is left. Seeing this anticipation and impatience as parents we cannot remain neutral, we want to make this special day the best we can for our child. But why is it so important to celebrate children’s birthdays?

Increase self-esteem

Perhaps you teach your child to be generous and loving with others, but it is not bad that once a year you let him be a little selfish and that day, he can be the center of the universe. It is a great feeling for children to see all their friends who come for him / her on a special day, with bags of gifts and wish him / her a Happy Birthday Children feel that they are loved by others and that it is a special day because they came into the world.

It’s a party and all parties have to be fun. Children love fun and the party is also focused on them. There will be balloons, music, songs, games … It is a wonderful time for any child!


You should invite close friends or the whole class, that will depend on the personality of your child, but parties help children to socialize in large groups, something that is not so easy at other times. Socializing in large groups is very different from having a conversation with a friend. You have to consider all the people around you, and avoid whispering to your friend or leaving someone out of the group. Children learn to be social and interact with other people in a relaxed environment like this.

Memories that will last a lifetime

Birthdays will be great memories for children. Sometimes they are able to remember every detail and this makes parents feel very good because they were the creators of that moment. It is worth the effort so that later the children have this memory. Although it is good to know that the party does not have to be excessively ostentatious, what matters for the children is a meeting with their friends, a snack … and that there is no lack of music and games!

Do you celebrate your children’s birthdays? It is also a moment of emotional bond not only with his friends, but also with you and any other member of the family who attends this special event for him / her.

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