7 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Birthday party Ideas for Mom

There is no love more unconditional than that of a mother. Surprising our mothers either for their birthday, for Mother’s Day or simply because we want to show our affection, is quite simple .

She will value every little detail, more than anyone else in this world.

To surprise a mother it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, it is enough to put love to detail.

They are experts in detecting when you have been excited about something, do not forget that they have seen you grow as a person.

Here are 7 original ideas to surprise your mother , but there are many types of moms. Few people know her as well as you do, so choose those proposals that you think best fit her.

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Share Time with Her

They say that one of the best gifts we can give someone is to spend time with that person. 

This phrase takes on special relevance when we talk about a mother.

The daily obligations and the dizzying pace of the cities rise like a wall between mothers and children, which reduce their interactions to mere family procedures. 

Sharing some quality time with your mother is undoubtedly the best gift for both of you.

Put your phone aside, listen to her and dedicate some exclusive time to her. 

It will be an even more satisfying experience if you take the opportunity to share an activity that is to your liking and that leaves room for conversation. 

Here are some ideas.

Take Her for a Ride

Go out for a walk in the city with your mother.

All cities have charming places where you can enjoy a pleasant chat, while taking in fresh air.

Or take the opportunity to take her on a tour of that part of the city that you like so much and that she does not frequent much.

Another option, if your mother is one of those adventurous moms, is to organize an excursion to the mountains .

There are hiking trails that are not complicated and have few slopes, in this way you make sure that you will have at least a couple of hours without interruptions.

Of course, the experience will gain in value, if the above is accompanied by a stop that may be endearing to her, such as a pleasant coffee or tea in a cozy cafeteria or visiting a relative that your mother has not seen for a long time.

Organize an Afternoon of Culture

A very good way to share a day with your mother is by doing cultural activities. 

If she is a culture lover, try creating a short cultural activity itinerary. A plan can be a museum in the morning, lunch and a theater in the afternoon. They will have a fantastic day.

Another option is to share a workshop with her. There is nothing better than learning something together . 

There are workshops of varying duration, if you do not have much time you can choose one that is only a few hours long. The offer is immense: cooking, art, crafts, etc.

Escape Room

Surprise her with an escape room.

Find an escape room that tells a story that you think your mother might like, and ask her to reserve an afternoon for you.

They will be able to enjoy an entertaining afternoon playing like when you were little , but this time, in a game designed for adults.

You are sure to have a great time!

Escapism rooms generally launch offers for groups.

Another option is to tell your siblings, family members or some of your closest friends and together unravel the mystery that will allow you to leave the escape room.

So the gift to mom will be double, the game and having a good time with the people she appreciates the most.

Prepare an Emotional Gift

Buying a gift for our mother is always a nice detail, but without a doubt, she will appreciate it even more if it is something that you have done, dedicating some time to her. Some ideas are:

  • Prepare a family photo
  • Make a photo album with the best moments you have shared
  • Create a video of her
  • Make a dossier with your old children’s drawings, if you still have them
  • If you are good at drawing, you can also draw one or paint a picture .

Instead of giving him the gift directly, you can hide it in the house and stick notes with clues for him to look for it . 

Take the opportunity to add in those notes, things that you would like to thank him.

Another very nice option is to write him a letter . Write a sincere letter, reflecting memories and stories. 

Take the opportunity to explain how important she has been in your life and to thank her for everything she does for you.

Throw Him a Party

Organize a surprise dinner, without telling her. 

You can organize it at his home, yours or in a restaurant. 

It is important that you plan everything very well , so that your mother does not get nervous when guests arrive by surprise.

If you choose to organize it at home, take care of the food. One option is to order it or bring it prepared from your home. 

The gift does not end until the kitchen is clean, remember that it is a gift and what we do not want is to give it more work with our surprise.

Take the opportunity to prepare an emotional toast at the beginning of dinner .

Nothing will move your mother more than, before everyone, express your feelings towards her.

Give Him Free Time

It does not happen with all mothers and this fact is closely related to age, but there are some mothers who, between work and family obligations, do not have a second left for themselves. For these types of mothers, the best gift you can give them is free time.

Find out what obligations he has on his birthday or during that same week. Evaluate which ones you could take care of to free her from work . Taking your siblings to activities, picking up the car from the workshop, stopping by the supermarket, calling the plumber, cleaning the house, taking care of grandma, pruning the garden, taking out the garbage, taking care of the food, etc., are some of the the many tasks your mother might have to do during those days.

Take charge of some of them. Enough so that your mother can enjoy a relaxing afternoon. You can put the icing on the surprise with a massage or spa session to make sure that that free time is dedicated to herself.

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