7 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Children love birthday parties, especially if it is their own. Celebrating children’s birthdays is an excellent opportunity for the little ones to have fun, but also to promote socialization and strengthen children’s self-esteem. In addition, they are the perfect excuse to bring the whole family together and create a beautiful childhood memory. However, if you do not want to organize the typical birthday party, we give you some ideas to celebrate a more original and fun event that your child will probably remember throughout his life.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Bet on a Public Park

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If you want to organize a different birthday party but you don’t want to get too complicated, you can choose a public park as the setting. In cities there are usually public parks with a picnic area where you can celebrate a birthday party in direct contact with nature. Children will have space to play and run, you will not need to invest too much in decoration or prepare a very elaborate menu since the environment gives the birthday a more informative character. Of course, it is important that before celebrating the birthday you know the rules of the park and that you ask the City Council for authorization at least 15 days in advance to use that public space.

Celebrate The Birthday in a Movie Theater

Kids Birthday Celebration in Movie theater

Young moviegoers will surely be delighted to celebrate their next birthday in a movie theater by enjoying their favorite children’s movie with their friends. One of the advantages of betting on a cinema for a birthday party is that you will not need to be aware of anything, you will only have to reserve the cinema of your choice. Yelmo Cines and Cinesa are some of the cinemas that offer this service: they reserve seats for all the guests in the movie theater that the children prefer, organize recreational activities before the screening and include a children’s menu.

Organize the Party at an Amusement Park

The theme parks are a safe bet when it comes to children. Entertainment, games, attractions, shows and even a children’s menu, all in one place, so you won’t have to worry about any details of the party. In fact, there are many amusement parks that can even organize the birthday party for you, such as the Madrid Amusement Park, which also offers free access to all attractions and shows, as well as children’s entertainment for groups and a monitor so that accompany the little ones and you can enjoy the celebration with more tranquility.

Celebrate in Museum

Yes, there are museums that organize children’s birthday parties with recreational activities, participatory meetings, educational games and much more. It is a perfect alternative for children who like science and with which you will not have to worry about anything because once you make the reservation, the museum will organize everything, including the children’s menu. One of the museums that offers this option is the National Museum of Natural Sciences, in Madrid, which has a wide range of recreational activities designed for children between 5 and 12 years old, as well as the Museum of Science and the Cosmos, in Tenerife, where you can celebrate a “birthday with the stars”.

Celebrate the Birthday in a Zoo

Little animal lovers will be delighted to celebrate their birthday in a zoo with their friends. In addition, it is a perfect excuse to bring children closer to nature and teach them to respect and care for animals from an early age. There are many zoos that organize this type of celebration for children and offer guided tours and educational activities for the little ones to have a fun time. Some, such as the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid or Terra Natura in Benidorm, even offer children’s menus and some accessories as gifts so that no detail is missing.

Prepare the Celebration on the Beach

What kid wouldn’t like to celebrate his birthday on the beach ? So if your child has a birthday during the summer, do not hesitate to organize the celebration by the sea. With the waves and the sand to play with, fun is guaranteed and, as it is outdoors, you will not have to worry too much about preparing an overly formal menu, a picnic will be more than enough. Of course, before organizing the birthday on the beach, find out about the rules and request permission at the town hall at least 15 days in advance. As it is a celebration on the beach, it would be good if you had the help of some relatives or other parents to take care of the children and avoid possible accidents.

Choose an Escape Room

Most children love to solve puzzles and riddles, so they will surely be very excited to celebrate their birthday in an Escape Room with their friends. In Spain there are many Escape Rooms like Emotion! They are specially designed for children and where they organize educational activities, mental agility games and many other entertainments for the little ones to have a blast. And, so that you don’t have to worry about anything, many of these spaces, such as Aventurico in Barcelona or Madrid, also have children’s menus or snacks so that after solving the mysteries the little ones can regain strength to continue having fun.

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