Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend to Buy Online

Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

What are the Best Birthday Gifts for a Girlfriend that I can choose? It is clear that buying gifts for women that are practical (and at the same time special) can be a headache when ideas are scarce. We agree.

For example, if you are looking for birthday or anniversary gifts and you want to find gift ideas that are practical and original for such a special occasion. And that for a woman it is easier to know what to give another woman that is useful, regardless of age.

But what about men?

For men, it can be more difficult to find the perfect gift for a girl or simply to know what useful gift to give his girlfriend.

Now is it the same to look for cheap gifts for a girlfriend if you is only looking for a small detail to look at or on the contrary, you are looking for the perfect gift for someone you want to positively impact?

But do not worry, I will give you all the keys to help you get it right from the comfort of your home.

Birthday Wishes Tip 1

My advice for men who want to impress a woman, no matter if it is a girl or a more mature person: I would choose a useful and exclusive gift (read below). deep down, we are all moved by a goof gift because we interpret that it is proportional to the sentiment of the person who gives it.

That is why I have proposed to indicate to you some of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend if you want them to be practical and also a beautiful gift so that she remembers you with a smile.

In addition, many of these ideas are great useful gifts for girlfriend that will allow you to enjoy them to the fullest at home, which is especially useful in these times when we are spending more time at home and want to be comfortable and very comfortable.

Extra unisex gifts:

If you also want to be inspired by a gift that is unisex, you can take a look at the article on Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend on the web, because many of the ideas can be adapted to the style of a girl or are valid for any gender.

I have classified the useful gift ideas that will help you look great with your girlfriend, according to budget. I’ve included several exculsive gifts for discerning women, but who isn’t?

Throughout the article I will show you the selection of the best birthday gifts for girlfriendthat I have chose for you.

Read to the end, or until you fall in love with one ♥ ️

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Image Product Features Price
Smart Urban Garden Smart Urban Garden
  • Price – High
Check Price on Amazon
Electric Bike Electric Bike
  • Price – High
Check Price on Amazon
Professional Hair Dryer Professional Hair Dryer
  • Price – High
Check Price on Amazon
Tablet Tablet
  • Price – Medium
Check Price on Amazon
Designer Coffee Maker Designer Coffee Maker
  • Price – Medium
Check Price on Amazon
Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price – Medium
Check Price on Amazon
Cabin Suitcase Cabin Suitcase
  • Price – Medium
Check Price on Amazon
E-Reader E-Reader
  • Price – Medium
Check Price on Amazon
Egab Classic Backpack Egab Classic Backpack
  • Price – Low
Check Price on Amazon
Rituals Product Gift Set Rituals Product Gift Set
  • Price – Low
Check Price on Amazon
Wireless Headphones Wireless Headphones
  • Price – Low
Check Price on Amazon
Makeup Organizer Makeup Organizer
  • Price – Low
Check Price on Amazon

Birthday Wishes Tip 2

If you’re looking for useful gifts for your girlfriend then any of these will make you look great. They are practical, universal, and women-proof gifts that have it all.

You can go directly to the list of the best useful birthday gifts for your girlfriend or first of all, take a look a look at the guide to buy a perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Oh, and like the more sugar, the sweeter, all this selection of useful gifts that I suggest are just a click away and most of them, with shipping in 24 hours.

Guide to Buy a Perfect Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

Buying useful gifts (and getting them liked) is not complicated, even if your budget is tight.

What are the best gifts for a woman?

Finding gift ideas for your girlfriend is easy – there are thousands – but it’s basically about applying common sense.

The first thing is to put your ear well to discover things that can make you excited.

One thing to note, especially this goes for men, is that women can see true or invented “hidden” messages in the gifts they give us, so the list that I have offered you is one of the most diplomatic to get liked, look good and get that smile of satisfaction and happiness that is drawn to us when they give us something that we like.

What to give a woman who has everything?

The answer is a gift that shows that you have thought about her, what she likes, what she wants, all this denoted that you have put love in the gift and this can be done in many ways, regardless of the budget. Sometimes the simplest gift works best.

A good rule of thumb is to balance the time and budget of the gift. When you don’t have a lot of budgets, making a gift that shows you’ve invested time (looking for it, preparing it, choosing it, … you know) will get the right message across. If you also show with the gift that you have also thought about her, you will be right for sure.

Accompanying the gift with a personal note is also a winning detail. Think of the emotion of your girlfriend reading that note, to me of course, it is a detail that I love.

And if you buy the gift in a hurry and rush, at least “scratch your pocket” a little to counter the rush and not having taken it early enough. A beautiful (and good) handmade jewel is a very useful resource.

Traditionally it has been said that it is the perfect gift for a woman, although not everyone will agree on this. And luckily, here I am going to show you many more options.

Ananth Jewels Embellished with Swarovski Heart

Ananth Jewels Embellished with Swarovski Heart

A perfect gift for every princess. Ideal gift for loved ones.

Gift wrap and love message can be instructed during checkout

Is it Always a good idea to buy an original gift?

Gifts that surprise your girlfriend, yes or no?

Ufff, well I don’t what to tell you. there is a very fine line between an original gift and a gift that you do not like (because it is bizarre, useless, or simply ugly).

You have to know the person very well and work hard to get an original gift today (and on top of it get it right). There are many original gifts, but that they surprise and like is quite complicated, considering that today everyone indulges in their whims and buying online you can get almost anything from anywhere in the world.

A winning bet to find the best gift for your girlfriend is to think about that person and how she will enjoy your gift, not only at the time of giving it but later.

Anyway, in this article, you will find several original gifts for friends, girlfriends, mothers, and sisters.

4 Tips to give a Good Gift and not Screwup

Here is a guide to buying a practical gift for your girlfriend if you have no idea what she likes, is one of those a little “special” for gifts or has not “dropped” something in particular.

⭐️ Gifts to look good on any occasion 

If you’re shopping for a gift for your girlfriend related to personal care, be generic. For example body creams like the ones recommended by Rituals.

DO NOT buy anything that can arouse female susceptibilities (unless expressly requested), such as facial radiofrequency devices at home, anti-aging cosmetics, or laser epilators. Very risky except, what has been said, that I have expressly requested it.

This is especially important if you are giving a birthday gift to your girlfriend. As you may already know, it is a headache, but it is a moment in our lives in which we become somewhat sensitive over time.

If there is not trust, these gifts may not be well-received even if they are very expensive and made with the best intention. However, they can be suitable as a gift to a flirtatious woman who likes to take special care of herself. As I told you before, the key is to get to know that woman well, or at least, to show that you are interested in meeting her and know what she is interested in.

⭐️ Watch out for “delicate” themed gifts

The gifts related to household chores, including cooking, are also delicate.

Make sure you enjoy cooking before giving away a product as a slow cooker a juice extractor cold or anything. These are options that are very trendy and they will probably make you look good because they are original.

⭐️ Give away clothes and more

Buying clothes, women’s shoes or accessories and finding the right gift is difficult, even among friends.

Once again, leave this gift to someone with whom you trust and knowing in that terrain (of tastes and needs) you tread.

Exclusive Gift for Girlfriend (more than 8k INR)

We started with the idea of a special gift for a girlfriend. And we do not forget, useful and that you will enjoy them for a long time.

They are also perfect if it is a gift between several people. An Expensive gift can be better than many cheap gifts, right?

1. A “Smart” urban garden

What can be given to a woman interested in a sustainable society? Well, something as original as practical and ecological.

This is one of the gifts that fascinates me the most personally. It will be because I am not very good at taking care of my plants and they always end up dying but at the same time I would love to be that type of person who boasts of growing their own aromatic herbs.

For that, “self-managed” urban gardens have been invented capable of taking care of crops autonomously and with little effort. They are smart gardens.

Here I show you one of the best sellers, although there are different models of greater or lesser capacity depending on the space available to the person to whom you are going to give it.

2. An Electric Bike

I think the COVID-19 crisis is changing us in many ways and I don’t know why in these weeks I think all the time about the possibility of buying a bicycle. If they gave me something like that, I would hallucinate. Who doesn’t love to ride a bike? Besides, it hasn’t happened to me alone. In my city, it is increasingly fashionable to ride a bicycle and I see that it is an increasingly topic in conversation.

Birthday Wishes Tip 3:

It is a healthier means of transport, it allows to maintain social distance, exercise and take care of the environment. It has always been a great option and now he is asking for his place again with force.

A couple of years ago I discovered electric bicycles on a trip and they seemed like the invention of the century. You can enjoy the cycling experience to the fullest. There are no excuses even if you are not in the good share, you are tired or you do not want to come to work smelling a little sweet. The slopes of the city do not hold you back. All advantages! Oh, and you can always pedal in normal mode without using the battery.

Therefore, they seem like a VERY TOP option for an exclusive gift for your girlfriend that also meets the objective of utility and sustainability. Also, having little space at home is not a problem if you choose a folding electric bike like mention below. Could there be a more practical gift?

The option of a retro-syled city bike for a girl is also a classic for girls gifts.

Foldable Fat Mountain Sports Bike
Foldable Fat Mountain Sports Bike
  • 1. 26″ Folding carbon steel double suspension snow Bike frame.

    Ideal for: 11+ years, min rider height: 5 feet 4 inches, max rider height: 6 feet 2 inches

    Front and rear disc brakes,
Autonix EV
Autonix EV
  • BATTERY: Lithium-Ion 15.6Ah  CHARGING TIME: Average 3-4 hourBATTERY LIFE CYCLE: Average 750 ChargesSPEED: 25Km/HrMILEAGE: Pedelec Mode
Hero Lectro Impact
Hero Lectro Impact
  • Battery Charger : 36V/2A, Input 230V AC, Throttle : Full Twist Throttle with on /off switchFreewheel : 18T Single Speed, BB set : COTTERLESS 127L-CARTRID.TYP

If you like the idea of a bicycle, but you actually prefer a stationary bike for the home that takes up little space (folding, please!) It is also a good opportunity to give as a gift, now that we spend more time at home. they were totally old-fashioned until they have rebounded with the new lightweight, folding versions and with this “new normal”.

3. Professional Hair Dryer

What can you give a woman who loved to take care of herself? If you have never considering giving a professional hairdresser dryer as a gift, I recommend that you give it a spin. Especially if you are looking for practical things to give as gifts. Haircare is a must for all women and without a doubt, having quality tools with a touch of luxury and exclusivity we all love. And I’m not talking about anything…

One of the most useful gift ideas for a young woman is hands down a hairdryer. But to succeed with this idea you have to buy a professional hairdryer, one of those hairdressers and if it also has a beautiful color and design, you will surely succeed.

As an extra tip, if you give a woman a hairdryer, it must be the Dryer. The one that she looks at in magazines and in shop windows but that seems “too much”…

Dyson Hair Styler

Slopehill Hair Dryer

Do you know why I like this idea?

Because they are so expensive gifts that, although she loves them, it is difficult for her to find the perfect excuse to make the investment in herself. So are the somen. But you know that he deserves it and that you will succeed if you arrive with him.

Because it shows that you have cared to think of something that you might lie, you jave researched on the subject and you have found the best on the market, althout this subject is completely out of your comfort zone. Once again, you show interest in her.

You send very powerful messages with these types of gifts, especially if you accompany it with a technical explanation that shows everything you have learned and that you have invested time in searching and choosing.

Birthday Wishes Tip 4:

If you want more information about the Dyson dryer, I’ll tell you about it in the link. And if you want to see other models of professional dryer that are perfect for gifts, take a look at the following section of this article.

Philips Hairdryer
Philips Hairdryer
  • Item Weight : 35 kgPower: 1800 WattsPersonalized drying with SenseIQ
Panasonic Hairdryer
Panasonic Hairdryer
  • Power: 1600 WattsFor UV-Resilient, Healthy HairFor Easy Hair Styling
  • Item Weight : 1 kg 890 gPower : 2400 WSpecial features: Ergonomic Professional Handle

4. Tablet

The paradigm of electronic gifts for women are tablets and e-readers that I show you below.

Tablet Huawei

Are you looking for gift for entrepreneurs? This ma be the one you are looking for.

A 10-inch tablet has a standard size to keep everyone happy. There are tablets incredible outside the world of Apple as the model bestseller of tablet Huawei Android system and multiple configurations to choose from for a much more reasonable price.

But of couse, the paradigm of the best technological gift is the iPad in all its variants.

If you are looking for more exclusive gift for your girlfriend, just give the iPad Air (10.5 inches) with keyboard included and pencil. A drea come true to work or study outside the home.

You can buy them from here from a fully trusted dealer such as Benotac.

Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air
  • 10.5-inch (26.67 cms)A12 Bionic chip8MP back camera, 7MP FaceTime HD front camera802.11ac Wi-FiUp to 10 hours of battery life
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Specifically designed for iPad 7th Gen & 8th Gen 10.2″ / Air 3 10.5/ Pro 10.5 tablet. A slim and lightweight profile perfected
CASE U Stylus Pen for iPad
CASE U Stylus Pen for iPad
  • Colour: WhiteNumber of Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required.Item Weight: 50 GramsAre Batteries Included: Yes

5. Designer Coffee Maker

This is also one the best birthday gift for your girlfriend who is an entrepreneur or a boss.

DeLongui Coffee Macine

But of course, you are not going to give just any coffee pot. Since you wear and make a good gift, buy a nice, designer coffee maker that makes you cappuccinos.

The model in the photo, for example, I love it. Small, minimalist, elegant, it fits in any corner and gives it a great aesthetic and decorative touch. I’m writing it and I already feel like I need it.

This Delongui Coffee Machine has professional quality a d is also sustainable because it does not use aluminium capsules, but ESE (Easy Server Espresso) ground coffee or pods, which are coffee pods wrapped in paper, and therefore, non-polluting.

Image Product Features Price
Russell Hobbs I Series Russell Hobbs I Series
  • 900W Powerful Machine brews excellent filter coffee or black coffee
  • 1200 ml carafe gives large capacity of brewing coffee
Check Price on Amazon
Wonderchef Regalia Brew Coffee Maker Wonderchef Regalia Brew Coffee Maker
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Brand – Wonderchef
  • Colour – Black
  • Capacity – 700 Milliliters
Check Price on Amazon
Italian Single Serve Automatic Espresso Italian Single Serve Automatic Espresso
  • Material – Plastic
  • Brand – Nettare
  • Colour – White
  • Human Interface Input – Buttons
Check Price on Amazon

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Libratone Bluetooth Speaker

I really like this gift because in addition to being very practical to share your music at home, at work or when you are traveling, there are incredibly aesthetic spearker models like the ones I show you. It seems to me a gift especially suitable for teenage girls or in general any young woman and music lover.

In short, it is a sweet gift (enters through the eyes), practical (fundamental premise) and to the liking of (almost) all.

Sony SRS-XB23
Sony SRS-XB23
  • Control Method – VoiceItem Weight – 570 GramsPower Source – Battery PoweredMounting Type – Table TopConnector Type – Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
JBL Flip 3 Stealth
JBL Flip 3 Stealth
  • Speaker Size – 19.8 CentimetresBattery Life – 10 HoursItem Weight – 450 GramsPower Source – ACConnector Type – Bluetooth
Zebronics Zeb-Vita Portable
Zebronics Zeb-Vita Portable
  • Brand – ZEBRONICSColour – BlackSpeaker Type – OutdoorModel Name – Zeb-VitaItem Weight – 570 Grams

Special Birthday Gift For Girlfriend Under 8K

7. Cabin Suitcase

Swiss Gear Cabin Suitcase

It is one of the best gift for your girlfriend. Especially if you choose a nice color and it has 4 wheels, to carry it more easily.

It seems silly, but the 4 wheels are appreciated even in the cabin suitcases, the suitcase goes almost alone.

It is a very attractive gift visually, practical and with which you will look great. You will love it. If you are looking for something else, I leave you the Swiss Gear Cabin Suitcase that I just bought. I chose it because it is light, has 4 wheels and one of the largest capacitites (43 L) for its size.

8. E-Reader

Best E-Reader for Girlfriend

IS it a goof idea to give technology to your girlfriend?

Sure! We love. Simple as that. Could there be a more useful gift than technological ones?

the new Kindle e-reader models are very reasonably priced and make it easy to read without reflections, even reading in the sun.

On a single charge, the battery lasts for weeks. So the most demanding readers will be satisfied.

9. Egab Classic Backpack

Egab Classic Backpack

this Egab Classic Backpack is a bestseller and the reason is that everyone likes it. I really like it as a gift for women between 20 and 40 years old.

How is it possible? Well, because it is available in many colors, various sizes and is very light.

It has become so fashionable among girls because it is so versatile:

  1. You can see a lot around the city (it’s perfect to carry your laptop)
  2. It is especially useful during trips because of its large capacity although it is not very bulky.

In short, THAT IT SERVES EVERYTHING. It is the height of a good, useful, trendy and beautiful gift.

Cheap Gifts For Girlfriend under 3k

With this budget you can find cheap and practical gifts for your girlfriend.

I give you 3 ideas so you can work on it. These helpful gifts are related to personal care, hobbies, home and fashion.

10. Rituals Product Gift Set

Ritual Product Gift Set For Girlfriend

How to find a useful gift for a woman? With this safe bet. It is a simple gift that everyone likes. If you don’t have much idea of what to buy, but you want a gift that makes you look good (and like it), look no further. Self-care gifts for your girlfriend are a great idea.

It is one of the favorite Birthday Gift for Girlfriend in my family and in my circle of friends.

I also love it as an invisible friend gift.

But beware, do not rush until the last minute if you buy this brand’s body or hand cream at Christmas, because it is the first thing that runs out.

Who doesn’t like Rituals products? they have many ranges to choose from, but they have delicious and subtle aromas that make you fall in love.

BodyHerbals Everyday Rituals Gift
BodyHerbals Everyday Rituals Gift
  • Vanilla Shower Gel 200 ml is infused with soothing skin conditioners , pure essentials oils & natural ingredients which helps to nourish & moisture skin.Apricot Body Massage Oil is a blend of pure herbs & essential oils, which helps to tone and firm the skin
Bryan & Candy New York Shower Gel
Bryan & Candy New York Shower Gel
  • Bath & Shower Gels of 100ml each with three different fragrances that will make you smell like a dream.Get up, detoxify and conquer the world with Bryan & Candy’s Luxury Shower Essentials.
BodyHerbals Lavender Essentials
BodyHerbals Lavender Essentials
  • Lavender Shower gel 200ml is infused with soothing skin conditioners & pure essential oilsWooden massager helps to further firm & tone the body specially targeting the affected areas.

11. Wireless Headphones

Boart Wireless Earphones

This is another of the gifts to be successful, this model is a bestseller, with more than 1000 opinions that you can consult here.

Those of us who already enjoy wireless headphones cannot live without them. It is practical gift for your fashionable girlfriend.

Telephone conversations or listening to your favorite music list are much more pleasant if you do not have to be aware of carrying the phone in your hand while you move.

pTron Bassbuds Plu pTron Bassbuds Plu
  • Brand – PTron
  • Colour – Black
  • Connector Type – Wireless
  • Model Name – Bassbuds Plus
  • Form Factor – In Ear
Check Price on Amazon
pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless
  • Brand – PTron
  • Colour – Black
  • Connector Type – Wireless
  • Model Name – Bassbuds
  • Form Factor – In Ear
Check Price on Amazon

12. Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer

This is another almost universal practical gift. Usually, women of all ages have more cosmetic products than we have time to use.

Many times, we accumulate several eye pencils, eyeliners, lipsticks,.. and a little organization in the bathroom is always appreciated.

If, in addition, that organization allows us to have a more beautiful bathroom or vanity, then better. This model is practical, with a minimalist design and will goof with any decoration.

EVADELY New Acrylic Makeup Organizer EVADELY New Acrylic Makeup Organizer
  • Completely removable drawers slide out smoothly, 
  • A separate acrylic display stand on top of the drawers fits properly and perfectly. 
Check Price on Amazon
ALWAFLI Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer ALWAFLI Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer
  • Organize like a makeup pro with Tidy Up! and keep your dresser organized
  • Lovely Design with Multiple Compartments for all types of Cosmetics.
Check Price on Amazon

The evolution of these gifts for beauty addicts are the mini refrigerators for cosmetics or beauty fridges, which serve to give a decorative and very useful touch to the dressing table while helping to preservefacial care products in an optimal way. Everything to keep out skin perfect.

Amazon Gift Voucher

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but sometime a withdrawal in time is a victory.

What do I mean by this? well, although it is not ideal, sometimes the only way to get it right is with a gift card, for example, an Amazon Gift Voucher.

Where Can I buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Buying an Amazon gift voucher is very simple, really. If you click on this link, it will take you to a page where you can choose from a lot of types of Amazon Gift Cards.

To deliver the gift you have a few options:

  1. The Classic: Buy the card with an envelope or case, there are a lot of different to choose from receive it the next day and deliver it by hand.
  2. A gift card to Print: You can personalize it with a photo and a message and print it after purchase.

Looking For Last Minute Birthday gifts?

E-Gift Voucher. This is the solution to be able to look good even when there is not time to go out to find a suitable gift. Not that it is the ideal option, but sometimes it is the only way out. Have you already looked at a classic gift option like silver earrings, for example?

You can choose the amount and send it by e-mail, SMS or share it with a link on WhatsApp or your favorite messaging application.

How to buy Amazon Gift Card?

If you have to explain to whom you are giving the gift how to buy with an Amazon gift card, it is very simple. Click on this link, where it explains how to redeem the gift voucher. It is as simple as adding it to your Amazon account.

The best thing about giving a gift voucher: You can choose from many prices to fit your budget. You have 10 years to redeem the check (that is, the gift voucher expires 10 years from the date of purchase).

And if you found this article useful, I would appreciate it if you could share it on one of your social networks. Many Thanks!

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