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birthday Decoration ideas for kids

Will it be your little one’s birthday soon and do you want to surprise him with an original and fun party? From BBW we show you some birthday decoration ideas for kids so that you do not run out of them and decorate the space in a simple, fast and beautiful way. With a limited budget you will achieve a lot; a decoration that he will live as something very special that he will always remember. We offer you several alternatives so that you can choose several or all of them. It’s up to you! Take good note and bet on the most interesting ideas to make that day perfect.

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A Theme Party

It is one of the most original decoration ideas for children’s birthdays, as you can direct the party towards a specific theme that you like. That way you will not fail and you will surprise your little one with a spectacular party.

You just have to choose a specific topic , something that you are passionate about, and you will be right for sure. Maybe a sci-fi character you have a devotion to or your favorite cartoon series, well, everything else will come of its own accord. You already know that birthday animation stores usually sell balloons and utensils specially designed for children, with the figures of their most beloved characters.

Birthday Decoration Ideas for Kids


There is no doubt that balloons should be present at any children’s birthday party worth its salt. You can fill the space with these decorative pieces and give joy and vivacity with its many colors and patterns. You already know that you can find all kinds of different shapes and designs to decorate any room.

It is a very simple task and the result can be spectacular. You just have to unleash your imagination and be inspired by these exceptional decorative objects. You can also buy a bottle of helium and let them hang loose everywhere and flood the ceiling with their great colors. It is best to leave them at different heights and tie a knot with long curled paper ribbons.

Paper Decorations

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can get a multitude of decoration ideas for children’s birthdays through any blog or platform and make the decorative objects yourself. All you need is to have paper in all its shapes and colors and develop the many creative alternatives that you will find on the Internet.

That way you can make pennants, lanterns, balls, pompoms, garlands, posters and much more. Nor do you need to be too skilled with your hands, just let yourself be guided by step-by-step explanations and tutorial videos and put some determination to obtain a highly original and unique decoration. There is no doubt that the result will be a relaxed atmosphere full of dynamism, color and joy.

Gifts for All Friends

At a children’s party, gifts can not be missing, not only for the honored person, but for their friends. Buy different gift bags and load them with a multitude of sweets so that they can take home a gift and be happy from beginning to end.

These bags will also serve to decorate the room in an imaginative way. Just arrange them in order in several rows, either in a corner or on a table, and distribute them when the party is over. You can also decorate the paper bags yourself in a simple way to make them look like funny monsters. Put a face and name on them and the children will greatly enjoy your initiative.

Stimulate Your Imagination Through Ornaments

Not everything is to come up with the best decoration, it is also convenient to stimulate the little ones in some way. Maybe they can help you decorate the room with activities that serve to entertain and have a good time.
Thus, prepare a special corner that both your little one and the guests can access and let their imagination flow to make all kinds of decorative objects.

Show them the way and let their creativity do the rest. They can draw pictures to hang later or make paper garlands to add a fun touch of color to the room.

Personalized Photocall

You can make personalized backgrounds with original photocall , that way you can immortalize the evening and take photos of all the little ones in a different and original way. Improvise a simple curtain with a tarp and place garlands around it, balloons and whatever else you can think of.

Maybe you can add a life-size photo of your little one or shape his age with balloons. Be that as it may, the decoration of the room will thank you and the party will liven up even more.

Outdoor Decoration

Outdoors you can also celebrate a beautiful birthday party. Best of all, you will not need to carry out excessive decoration, as the environment will do a lot. Use the soil to acquire an ideal base of support and achieve incredible results.

Maybe you can have a picnic and place a nice decorative tablecloth with plates and glasses of animated characters, as well as helium balloons held to the floor with sticks and colored paper ribbons.

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