100+ Belated Birthday Wishes & Quotes for Everyone!

Happy Bleated Birthday

As we all know, on more than one occasion we forgot that important date, both for us and for the person involved, be it the birthday of someone special, the birthday of your sister or that of another special person. So, we always end up being clueless and that is why here you can find the best belated birthday wishes.

Wishing a late happy birthday is never easy. Indeed, we always feel a little (or even a lot) guilty of having forgotten a day that can be very important for a friend, relative or colleague.

Whether we are 20, 30, 40 … we appreciate birthday wishes. And, the closer people are to us, the more it can hurt to forget these wishes.

If you want to remedy this situation and present your birthday greetings, even late, your best bet is to apologize flat or use humor.

We offer you a collection of several texts to use for wishing a late happy birthday.

You will surely find the little phrase that will make it easier for you to say forgiveness to your friend or loved one who celebrated his birthday a few days ago!

Each greeting template is free and you can use it for your sms, Facebook, emails, or to write a card that will accompany a birthday gift, a bouquet of flowers, etc., and will help you to be forgiven!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Everyone!

You don’t know how it hurts to have missed your birthday mom . Because for work reasons, I lost track of time and the days that had elapsed. But do not worry my dear mother, because I will be by your side, for the next weekend, where we can share together for hours. I love you and take care of yourself a lot.

I am sad to write at this point, after weeks have passed, but in truth I am very sorry Son-in-law , for having completely forgotten your birthday date , I really don’t know how to remedy the situation, since my daughter is very upset with me. Happy belated birthday. I hope you forgive me.

Dear Dad , I apologize for overlooking your Birthday , indeed the hustle and bustle of moving made him forget it completely. Anyway, I assure you that for the summer holidays, we will be able to celebrate mine and yours at the same time, in the company of the children, who want to see you and greet you.

I know that there is no excuse to tell you why I could not attend your birthday party dear Brother . But what really happened was that your niece got complicated and we had to take her to the doctor in an emergency.

What words could I use, to excuse myself with you, my dear daughter-in-law , since due to lack of memory, I really missed your birthday . But, do not worry beautiful! That already within a week, we cancel the entire outstanding debt and thus we will have enough time to visit you for a full weekend. Take good care of yourselves, greetings to the children.

I am very clear, dear Uncle , that although you have not said anything, I know that you are upset, because I missed the day of your birthday party , for partying with some friends from the university. But, I promise you for what I love the most in life, that will not happen again. Who loves you and loves you a lot, your favorite nephew. Happy birthday uncle .

Every time I remember that I completely forgot the day of your Birthday Sister , it makes me want to make a time machine, so that I can go back and be the first guest to arrive. So, nothing of what ended up happening that night would have happened, I really apologize for my lack of commitment.

With a hand on my heart, I tell you my love , that the misunderstanding for having congratulated you one day after your birthday is that I forgot the time change between one country and the other, I do not want you to get to To think that I am forgetting you or anything like that, rather I am eager to finish the mission and be at home by your side. Kisses of colors, I love you from the depths of my being. Happy belated birthday.

Dear Grandfather , I do not know where to put my head every time I see you, because having forgotten your birthday party , I have realized that you have changed with me in your way of being. In truth, I apologize and I hope you can understand me, that I was with the girl I like, I think the best we can do is take her with me to the next party. I love you Old man.

I truly apologize, dear Son , as I have forgotten your Birthday date again . I know you must be thinking that I do not love you, which I do not want you to think, since it is not your fault the separation from us, but I promise you that I will reward you in the best way, as soon as I get to the city.

Dearest Daughter , I am very sorry to have forgotten your Birthday date , because because of the distance that separates us, I have stopped making an agenda to help me remember certain things.

Each time you pass your date Birthday , dear remember Cuñado you do not congratulated that day, I hope I apologize, but lately I have been forgetting several things.

I think the best thing I will do, to never forget your Birthday Dad , is to get a tattoo with your name and date of birth. That way I will always remember her and make others remember her.

With all the respect that you deserve dear Son-in-law , I regret with all my heart that I forgot your Birthday party , I really missed it , all, the preparations for my move, made me mess up a bit.

With the righteousness that you deserve, dear Mom , I am truly very sorry for not having gone to see you on your birthday , since my new job makes me last all day at the company and that doesn’t give me a chance. to do nothing.

Clearly I see that you find yourself upset with me, since your birthday dear daughter- in- law , but in truth, I had no idea that this party was yours, I apologize in advance, since it was not my intention to make you feel bad.

Dear Aunt , forgive me for forgetting your Birthday party , I really thought it was for this week, but, I was already prepared for weeks, that I had bought you a gift, that I really know you will like a lot.

Clearly I inform you Love of my life, that it was not my intention to have overlooked such a memorable date for you, how is the case of your Birthday , I do not know what I would be thinking, it is the truth, but do not worry that it is night I reward you with something better.

For having forgotten your Cuñada Birthday party , I inform you that I will carry out three penances during the rest of the year, in order to always keep that date in mind. You know that I love you since we met.

Beautiful Belated Birthday Gifts

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Belated Birthday Images & GIF

We all know where we can go to buy a good birthday car , but you will never find the new unpublished series that you can find here. These Belated birthday Images and Belated Birthday GIF are made with the best words, to be able to excuse ourselves on any occasion, without looking bad to a specific person.

Happy Belated Birthday Quotes

We all use, at different times in our lives, certain phrases , which we incorporate into any topic of conversation, to notify something relevant, this time, we will create good late birthday phrases to excuse ourselves for having forgotten an important date, how is the case of Birthdays .

I feel sorry for that! Forgetting your birthday, Mom . That will never happen again.

With great sadness I inform you Dad , that really if I had forgotten your birthday .

I am always aware of everything and how it is possible that I have completely forgotten my Brother-in-law’s Birthday

It is not the first time that has happened, dear Sister , but it will be the last time that I forget on your birthday .

With all the preparations for the trip, we have completely forgotten that Grandpa is on Birthday . Happy belated birthday!

The kids want to apologize to you Son-in-law , since they forgot to be on time for your Birthday party .

With tears in my eyes, I inform you that I have completely forgotten that yesterday my Dad was on his birthday .

There is no reason for you to believe me, to tell you why, I could not go to your birthday party yesterday my love , but I promise you that I will make it up to you soon.

For all the love that I have for you, dear Uncle , I still have no place in my head, why did I forget your birthday date .

Every time I look into your eyes, Grandma , I see how upset you are, for not having attended your birthday party . Happy belated birthday grandma!

Remember that if you want to see more beautiful birthday greetings for anyone, you have the best ones at your disposal by entering our main birthday messages page , surely if you search well you will find the right message for the person you want.

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