21000 Guests Invited to Birthday Party by Mistake

To celebrate her 15th birthday on October 7, Rebecca Javeleau wanted to invite 15 friends to her home. She announced the event on Facebook, mentioning her address and phone number. However, the list of participants quickly grew without his knowledge, exceeding 21,000 people. “she didn’t realize she had created a public event,” says Tracey Livesay, her mother.

The blunder of the young girl quickly made the rounds of the Web, with the registration of false Justin Bieber or Rick Astley at the “birthday party”.

“I’m afraid that people will come anyway,” worries the mother, despite the cancellation of the event on Facebook. The concern wins the Harpenden police, 30,000 inhabitants. “We recommend that people change their plans,” warns his spokesperson. As for Rebecca, she is already punished. “I confiscated her computer so that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again,” explains her mother.

Birthdays announced on Facebook have already turned into a nightmare. In February, a French high school student saw 200 people arrive at her home, who ended up ransacking her apartment.

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